In 1966, CHINTAI Spring Factory, the fore-enterprise of CHINTAI Spring Bed Co., Ltd. was established in Liu-Jia-Ding, Tainan.The clients were mostly mattress assembly corporations. The business mainly focused on producing and selling coils for mattress.For years, CHINTAI kept striving to meet customers?needs and to developing core techniques of manufacturing mattress. Gradually












優 力 系 列     恬然雅緻空間之營造者


   優力床組內部採用專為高級飯店所設計的優力彈簧(Eure-Coil) 。以SWRH82B高錳碳鋼為原料所焠鍊而成的優力彈簧具有高強度、高韌性之特點,能對應各種嚴苛的使用狀況而依然不變形,並為使用者營造一優質睡眠環境。使用者將可經由優力床組獲得絕佳的舒眠品質,為高級觀光、商務飯店之超值選擇。


彈 簧 類 型 : Eure-Coil
主要內襯材 : 高張力針軋精織綿毯、高密度複合舒壓泡綿
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