In 1966, CHINTAI Spring Factory, the fore-enterprise of CHINTAI Spring Bed Co., Ltd. was established in Liu-Jia-Ding, Tainan.The clients were mostly mattress assembly corporations. The business mainly focused on producing and selling coils for mattress.For years, CHINTAI kept striving to meet customers?needs and to developing core techniques of manufacturing mattress. Gradually










 1966   CHIN TAI SPRING COMPANY was established in Tainan City. Its business was to produce and selling springs.
 1967   Moved the office to Yung-Kang in Tainan Hsien to enhance its operation.
 1968   Imported automatic machines to produce springs. Launched automation system in its plant.
 1972   Started the business of mattress.
 1973   Changed the name to “CHINTAI SPRING BED CO., LTD.”
 1975   The first own brand, “CHINTAI CHIN CHIN MATTRESS” was launched and entered to the market.
The first logo—Calabash-shaped lantern—was created.
 1979   Moved to the current location on Zhong-Shan North Road and reconstructed the plant in order to adjust to the rapidly increasing business.
 1980   Purchased the high-tech tape edge machine from Spühl Group.
 1981   Imported the automatic spring coiling machines from Spühl Group; the   automation system was completely developed.
 1982   Purchased the quilting plant for mattresses from MECA Company, Italy, and the  automatic spring coiling machines from Spühl Group.
 1983   Expanded its business as entering into Hong Kong market.
 1986   Expanded its business as entering into Japanese market.
 1989   Purchased the high-tech tape edge machine from P. Fanghand & Co. Ltd.
 1991   Purchased the transfer machine from Spühl Group and became the first company in Taiwan to operate the machines.
 1993   Imported the whole new brand–BANBI.
 1995   Imported the whole new brand–OURS.
 1997   Successfully invented the “Multiple Spring System” (M.S.S) and designed the “Ergonomic Mattress” with the function of carefully corresponding body pressure.

Invented the “Eu-latic Coil Spring” with the function of strong supportability.
Eu-latic Mattress was designed the eu-latic coil spring.

 1999   Entered the market of Australia and New Zealand.
 2000   Imported a new brand–Easy Body.
 2001   Purchased the quilting plant for mattresses–Target90 from MECA Company, Italy.
 2002   Invented “Eu-latic Coil Spring” and designed the Eu-latic Mattress.
 2003   Renewed the Corporate Identity. The new CI uses the worldwide language–English to reveal the concept of international. The black and grey color represents the steady and reliability of CHINTAI. The ruby image with spring shape symbolizes the spirit of passion and non–stop searching for perfection.

Imported the ISO system. ( No. QAIC / CN / 387 )
Started the new product series– “Astoria.”
Created and developed a new technique –“Flexible Supporting Device” and the patent issued. ( No. M248326 )