In 1966, CHINTAI Spring Factory, the fore-enterprise of CHINTAI Spring Bed Co., Ltd. was established in Liu-Jia-Ding, Tainan.The clients were mostly mattress assembly corporations. The business mainly focused on producing and selling coils for mattress.For years, CHINTAI kept striving to meet customers?needs and to developing core techniques of manufacturing mattress. Gradually










Chintai believes the best service is to meet customerís satisfaction.

With the customersí voice and suggestions, the highest quality can be achieved.

Chintai has combined the years of experience and skills to provide our clients with Customized Service.

Chintai uses Built-to-Order (BTO) system to produce personalized mattress and services according to the customersí needs.

Based on the system, Chintai fits needs of a wide range of customers.